Trendall Web Site Gallery

Hello, and welcome to the Trendall Web Site Gallery. This site is hosted by the Australian Centre of Astrobiology (ACA) at Macquarie University. The creator and custodian is me, Adrian Brown, a PhD student at the ACA. The site has been constructed as a record of my research in this area. It is designed to enable people to remotely view one of the most precious sites on our planet - a true natural history museum in the outback of Western Australia.

If you are just browsing, and you wish to enter the site now, you may do so through the normal entry, or you may wish to use the thumbnails entry, which is a little slower but more detailed. If you are interested in the geochemical data collected as part of my research, you may wish to access the images via a mineralogy index. I also have a map of Al-OH mineralogy you might find useful.

If you are a first time visitor interested in getting the most out of your visit, you may wish to view the tutorial page first.

If you are interested in finding out the history of this site, and why it is so important, you might wish to check out the history page.

If you are interested in learning about other aspects of my research, you may like to check out my main project page.

If you would like to download a copy of the Trendall web site so you can access it offline on your laptop when you visit the site, please go to the research page.

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Adrian Brown
Australian Centre for Astrobiology