~~~~~ April 2005 ~~~~~~

US Trip I just got back from a trip to the US attending two conferences - 36th LPSC and NAI 2005. You can find my poster for LPSC here and my poster for NAI 2005 here.

NASA Ames talk Whilst I was at NASA Ames, I gave a colloquium. You can see that presentation here.

Odyssium @ Edmonton I went to the Odyssium @ Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, as a guess of the Mars Society Canada. You can find my talk here.

Fieldwork 2005 It looks like fieldwork this year will involve a trip to the Pilbara organised by the ACA, along with many international visitors. The workshop will run for 3 days in Perth, and then 3 days in the Pilbara, and will include such huge minds as Martin Van Kranendonk, Malcolm Walter, Martin Brasier, and many many more. Should be interesting! Stay tuned for the results.

Third refereed journal article My third refereed journal article has been submitted to IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. You can download a copy here.

Rose submits abstract to Fusion 2005 Rose Wang from USyd has submitted an abstract to the conference "Information Fusion 2005" in Philadelphia in July. You can find it be clicking here, and searching under Abstracts by Author for 'Wang'.

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